Thursday, December 17, 2009

Televangelists not in it for the money? Riiiiight…

Hi Mazzie!

I think that these ''televangelists' are a bunch of money-grubbing frauds that steal millions of dollars from their congregations. They are con artists that serve the 'great god Mammon – money'. They let their 'flock' think that they can buy their salvation through 'tithes' and 'contributions'. They 'prey' (not 'pray') on millions of the most vulnerable people in society, earning billions in the process.

Think about it:
1 x 'sermon' (read: 'show')
x ±15000 people (remember that the Joel Osteens and Joice Meyers of the world have congregations of an average of 15000 people)
x average 'tithe' in America: US$120.00
= US$2,250,000.00
x 2 'sermons' per day on a Sunday
= US$4,500,000.00

Not bad for two one-hour shows!
x 4 Sundays per month
= US$18,000,000.00

Some months have FIVE Sundays
x 5 Sundays per month
= US$22,500,000.00
x 52 Sundays in a year
= US$235,000,000.00

Who on earth earns US$234.000,000.00 per year? Televangelists! Praaaaaaaise JESUS!!

Guys like Benny Hinn holds 'three-minute prayer sessions' during his sermons at a minimum of US $1000 'per prayer'! Jesus never charged a penny… Have you ever seen a poor televangelist? Remember that Jesus said that it would be easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of God. While there are true good believers and preachers out there that do very good work in the name of Jesus, millions of people whose judgement are blinded by the 'shows' put on by  televangelists, and are misled and robbed blind.

I am not convinced that anyone earning US$234,000,000.00 per year is not doing it for the money…

Did you stop and research why these televangelists are being taken off the air? They are being investigated for – you guessed it – FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES! That usually means: defaulting on taxes, fraud, theft, embezzlement, money laundering and so on. Even Jesus encouraged ordinary citizens to pay their taxes, remember? This is not an attempt by Satan to get 'God off the television', it is televangelists (probably tempted by greed – and Satan – that have done this.

Keep your eyes (and minds) open, people…

Check out some of these websites:

Words that happen to rhyme with televangelist (some are quite appropriate): blacklist, cabbalist, necrophilist, nihilist, populist, materialist, diabolist, kabbalist, verbalist, clericalist, vocalist, sectionalist, congregationalist, representationalist, sensationalist, emotionalist, papalist, monopolist, oligopolist, amoralist, moralist, oralist, controversialist, mentalist, capitalist, recitalist, revivalist, hedonist, con-artist (okay, the last one is actually two words, but wholly apropos)


  1. What I'm saying is: Don't take everything they say as 'gospel' (Hahaha!), and realise that when such huge amounts of money are involved the chances are very good that some pious people will get caught with their hands in the cookie jar…

  2. hallelujah! jy sal nie so verbaas wees as jy weet wat alles agter die scenes aangaan nie. dis hoekom ek glad nie kerk mens is nie, want ek't as pastoorskind groot geword en die ware, nare sy daarvan gesien.